Grab your box!

Our monthly delivery service is launching fully in 2021 – but our 2nd trial box for delivery at the end of November 2020 in now available!  Hurry and order your box as there is only a limited supply and once they are gone, they’re gone!!

Foodie? Enjoy exploring wild, artisan or seasonal food & drink?

Then our ‘Discovery box’ service might, quite literally, be right up your street…  Our discovery box is a mix of Restaurant Food, Cookery Course & Farmer’s Market delivered to your door… 

Discovery box?

Our ‘Discovery Box’ is an exciting and brand new type of home delivery service.  When we launch the service fully in 2021 – each month there will be a totally different box of foodie goodies delivered to your door including: 

Explore: A range of artisan products & producers /  Discover:  Guided tastings, New flavours, methods & skills /  Enjoy:  Ingredients & instructions for a restaurant quality meal for two, that is easy to make at home! PLUS **New in the 2nd trial box ** a 2nd meal with dessert that is ready to eat / warm at home – a meal prepared by one of the region’s leading chefs/restaurant.

Each box will include a magazine guide that features augmented reality videos to give you instant and easy access to learn more about every element. 

What's in the box?

We want to keep each month’s contents a surprise but we have highlighted JUST A FEW of the tasty goodies that you will find in our 2nd trial box this month to give you and idea of what you will get.  We like to keep the exact list a secret so it is a nice surprise when you open the box, but us our 2nd trial box there is:

2 x meals (for 2 people in each meal) – the first meal is a ready-prepared ‘warm at home’ main & dessert by one of the region’s leadings chefs/restaurant.  The 2nd meal includes seasonal ingredients & everything you will need to make a tasty restaurant inspired meal yourself. It also includes a bottle of wine. In addition to the two meals there are 2 x ‘guided tastings’ from local artisan producers, explaining their products to you that you can then taste/try as they are in the box! Plus a load of products & produce from lots of different local suppliers for you to discover!  

Not just a box!!

As well as the discovery box you will receive a magazine guide including videos that we have filmed giving you an exclusive look behind the scenes and allowing producers to tell you their stories! 

We have a small kitchen in Bury St. Edmunds where we run our foodie & foraging courses, as well as our small restaurant that we use for seasonal tasting menu dining.  We’ve turned our kitchen into a TV studio to film all the supporting video recipes & guides as well as insightful interviews with producers. 

To see the type of video that comes with our box visit:

What was in the last box?

The above was the contents of our first trial box that we sent out in September to give you an idea of what is included…  We’ve learned somethings from the first trial and made some changes (adding a 2nd meal for example) but the general principle is the same.. that of discovery!  Perfect for a bit of lockdown fun!!


Limited Edition Trial Box: We are offering a very limited run of trial boxes that are only going to be available for a short time and can be collected or delivered on the 26/27/28th November 2020.  Then the full monthly service will launch in early 2021 (offered to those who purchased a trial box first).